Pharrell Williams – Gush

Pharrell is back with a new solo album, the first in eight years. Allegedly he was given quite free hands to record once the record label heard the first cut of Get Lucky and stated that it would be a personal album that he would get done quickly and that it would be called G I R L. And not in a west coast hip hop sense or like the latest R Kelly album Black Panties, where his commentary on women is, if anything positive, slightly amusing as one laughs at his lack of Fingerspitzgefühl.

Instead Pharrell was to record an album cherishing the existence of women:

“Women are a phenomenal force in my life and in my career” he said and continued commenting on the future: “75% of it is run by women … and I want to be on the right side of it.”

Pharrell the feminist?

On the other hand, the front cover of the album pictures Pharrell with three beautiful women and is to some extent quite suggestive. And the lyrics for Gush:

Gush / Make the pussy just gush / Make it, make it, just gush / I make the pussy just gush / I make it, just gush
I’m imagining things / Do you wanna try? / Take off your halo and wings / Girl, I can make her fly
I don’t know, what’s come over me / My momma didn’t raise me that way / You lit a fire, from inside of me / That’d light your seat ablaze, girl / Light that ass on fire
I could be the guy to treat you / To a nice movie, feed you / But I don’t wanna mislead you / Tonight I think I wanna be dirty, girl / Do you wanna get dirty, girl? Come on / Light that ass on fire / Do you wanna get dirty, girl? Let’s go
Girl the world’s watchin’ / From sunset to midnight / They’re tryna catch a glimpse (intimacy) / Of you and I


Not sure these lyrics make it to the biggest feminist achievement of the year so far…

…but… that is not what one should look for in Pharrell’s music anyway. Gush and the rest of the album is excellent back-to-basics funky Prince and MJ-inspired pop/soul with clean funky guitars, strong danceable rhythms and soulful falsetto vocals in a true Pharrell-style. And that, that Pharrell does well. Very well! This could very well be one of the best albums from 2014.

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