COB – Out of My Way

A few months back, singer Johanna Ström and myself released our first single under the name COB.

Quite a catchy electro-disco-pop tune with clear influences not only from the 70s disco scene but also from the retro-80s-synth-disco-pop scene that has been going on-and-off over the last decade or so.

The music and vocal melodies for the chorus were originally written in in Amsterdam in 2008 and recorded as a rough demo, not too dissimilar from what turned out to be the end product.

A re-recording was initiated in London in 2013 and about half a year later the remaining vocal parts and the lyrics were written by Johanna Ström.

Vocal recordings and the final instrumental tracks were laid down in Stockholm during the fall of 2014 and mixing and mastering took place during the winter 2014/2015.

Thank you Carl Johan Nordquist for input during the recording session and Peter Sundström for mixing and general input. Also thank you to Studio JAG who designed the cover art.

Hope you like it!

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