Kiss – Detroit Rock City

Detroit Rock City falls in the category of heavy songs based on a true story that sent out a clear and distinct message to all the band’s fans and the occasional listener – compared to a majority of heavy songs which tend to be based on horror, death, war, fantasy topics and the occasional love song.

Guitarist Paul Stanley and producer Bob Ezrin wrote the song about a Kiss fan who was killed in a car accident on his way to a Kiss concert and the lyrics tell their clear story about drinking, smoking and speeding in order to get to the concert on time. The song was named as a tribute to Detroit although the crash happened on the way to a concert in North Carolina.

The song, which opens Destroyer (1976), features a number of licks and pieces borrowed from previous songs, a brand new bass playing style by Gene Simmons and a quite out-of-the-ordinary drum beat by Peter Criss. Bob Ezrin wrote much of the guitar harmonies and solos which sound quite different to Ace Frehley’s usual stuff. Ezrin’s voice is also featured as the radio voice in the beginning.

The song did quite poorly when first released and was re-rereleased as a B-side to its own original B-side Beth which turned out to be very successful in among other countries the UK. Detroit Rock City has, however, since become one of Kiss’ biggest songs and has allegedly been played on every concert since its release.

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Axel Boman – Barcelona

Great tune from Swedish DJ and producer Axel Boman’s album Family Vacation (2013).

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Sam & Dave – Hold On I’m Comin’

Credited for bringing afroamerican gospel to pop music and for being the most successful soul duo, Sam & Dave earned a strong place in music history.

Hold On I’m Comin’ is from the album with the same name, released 1 April 1966. The instruments were recorded by Booker T and The MG’s and Wikipedia states:

“According to Steve Cropper, lead guitarist for Booker T and the MG’s, the Stax Recording Studio played a key role in the creation of the title track, Hold on, I’m Comin’. Stax Records was an old Movie Theater located at 926 East McLemore Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. The men’s restroom in the theater-turned studio had tile walls and tile floors. To produce reverb and echo a speaker from the studio was placed in the men’s room to pipe the sound into the men’s room; and a microphone was placed in the men’s room to return the sound back to the recording studio. This arrangement produced both the reverb and echo heard on Stax Records. One night, as Sam and Dave were recording, Dave had to stop and make a trip to the men’s room. When Dave took a little longer than what Isaac Hayes thought was necessary. He yelled at Dave to “hurry up!” Dave heard him on the speaker in the men’s room and replied, “Hold on; I’m coming”. With a few additions this became the title track of the album, and a hit for Sam and Dave.”


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Jungle – Busy Earnin’

Musicians J and T formed Jungle about a year ago. Not so widespread quite yet but this is an act we will be hearing more from in the years to come for sure.

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Dokken – Broken Bones

80s LA heavy outfit Dokken, named after its American singer of Norwegian descent, Don Dokken, released the album Broken Bones in 2012 and they’ve still got something going, nice melodic not-too-heavy good old rock.

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Syle Of Eye – Kids (Original)

Swedish producer Style Of Eye released this a few months back and as much as the instrumental parts sound like any dancefloor song of today’s Stockholm, the beautiful vocal parts and the reality-observing lyrics somehow appear just so right, despite their simplicity.

I’m wondering what is up with kids nowadays
you’re all so deep, unique and interesting
suffering poets with a fashion sense
free hand tattoo with a misspelled name
everyone’s special the exact same way
you live your life on a Facebook page

Kids just wanna be in
Don’t know what it is
But you’re part of it
You are the cool kids
You are the, you know f*cking who, kids

I’m wondering what is up with kids around here
you’re trying so damn hard to come off weird
you bought you image in package deal
generic hipster got no sex appeal
you’re so authentic yeah you’re oh so real
you hurt yourself today to see if you still feel
come down, baby come down

Buy another vintage
Reject another feel
Pop another pill
make a deal with the devil
Wear your high heels tonight and come closer to heaven
Let a doctor waste some time on you
Let him cut you open and drip another drop into the well of a bruise
For beauty eh’ alright then hope your wishes came true
Post another pic
wanna see that cappuccino
Look at you, looking lost, little human

More info on his website.

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Manic Street Preachers – A Design For Life

Manic Street Preachers branded themselves as the guys who would bring rock n roll back to Britain when The Clash and The Sex Pistols had been abandoned for the new fresh acid house. 

Another track with grungy guitar riffs and vocals – quite Seattle in fact – although the bring it one step further with the 3s an the strings. Emotional and heavy all in one package.

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