Alison Krauss & Union Station – Maybe

Another great track from the 2002 Louisville sessions.

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Amy Winehouse – You Sent Me Flying

Not the most famous of tunes by the Club 27 member Amy but truly on of the slickest. Great instrumentation, great songwriting, great arrangement and of course – great voice!

…and nice with a little Brazilian bonus at the end…

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Damn! – You’re The Light For Me

Great funk from Lund, Sweden. Timbukut’s touring band.

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Manowar – Kingdom Come

The loudest band in the world (true story)!

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Cake – She’ll Come Back To Me

Quite a forgotten band these days. The band idea and the entire album is great, check it out!

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Timbuktu feat. Chords and Damn! – En Hi-5 & 1 Falafel

True magic, what a groove!!

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Kula Shaker – Great Hosannah

A dash of brit pop with extra flavour of 60s, a big chunk of India juxtaposed with heavy guitars and suddenly you have Kula Shaker. Their success was obvious to everyone, especially in the UK, as their debut K (1996) hit the charts. To add to the mystics around the band, singer Crispian Mills was heavily misunderstood as he decided to comment on Hitler in some 1997 interviews…

Crispian: (in reference to his vegetarian beliefs that killing animals is just as bad as killing humans) The principle is we’ve got a violent society, we always go on about the virtues of peace but we aren’t living a peaceful lifestyle

New Musical Express: It’s an obvious comparison, but Hitler was a vegetarian who had no qualms about murdering humans, babies included, by the thousands.

Crispian: Right, but Hitler knew a lot more than he made out. Hitler and his whole gang weren’t just a bunch of f___ing psychos, they were also into magic and all that. I mean, talking about ruffling feathers with statements in magazines, I love the swastika. It’s a brilliant image, it symbolises peace and the sun and illumination – it’s everywhere in India. I’d love to have great big flaming swastikas onstage just for the f__k of it. It’s like, that was Hitler, don’t let him steal something like that from you. I mean the Nazis studied the Vedas, the Scriptures, the Holy Grail, but they were just using it as a power trip.

New Musical Express: You have a sneaking admiration for Hitler don’t you?

Crispian: No…but it’s a shame the baddies always get the good uniforms. Ha ha!.

Great Hosannah is the brilliant opening track from their second album. The energy in the chorus is superb! 


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